Inspiring Animations

Now follows a lot of animations which I like pretty fine. This is part of research for my Multimedia Tools & Techniques module. We’ll be animating a graphic novel and also producing a piece of Kinetic Typography.

Brazilian studio 18bis

Cut-paper music video from Polish music video makers Katarzyna Kijek and Przemysław Adamski, aka Kijek/Adamski, bringing my personal obsession with cutting paper to life.

Title sequence for “Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang” by Danny Yount (working at Prologue Films)

Hand-drawn animation from BBBlaster

Probably one of the finest flip book animations out there, and making my own first attempt look like something my dog dug up in the back garden.

2 Comments on “Inspiring Animations”

  1. Sandra Shares ......... says:

    One of my favourite aspects of Multimedia, I love animation and typography, best of luck its a great skill to acquire and is great fun to learn

  2. […] Inspiring Animations ( […]

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