Kinetic Typography – Sinead Duffy

The brief for this project was to “Create an Animation of movie dialogue, song lyrics, or a poem using Typography” aka “kinetic typography”.

My first task was to select the audio for the project. I came up with a few songs that I could possibly use but as the animation was to be approx. 5-10 seconds in length I found it difficult to isolate a part of a song that would make sense as a stand-alone piece. I decided a piece of dialogue would work better and I chose a piece from Malcolm in the Middle.

Before committing anything to computer screen I worked up a rough storyboard on paper. With this storyboard I had a good idea of what elements could be tweened on the stage and what elements needed to be created in movie clips. My first draft had all parts of the dialogue simply tweening in and out of the stage and when I was happy with the timing and scale I began to bring in vector graphics and create more complex movie clips.

Having approached the project in stages I feel the process was a lot smoother than if I had of started working in Flash straight away. Additionally, getting started early on I didn’t feel increasing pressure when the deadline approached. This knowledge will be essential to me as a learner because I know that starting early and working in stages will help me produce something that I am happy with rather than something I feel I have compromised on because of deadlines.

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